It Quacks Like a Duck

I have learned many important lessons since beginning this blog three months ago, and I have relearned many others: Already this morning, I have experienced one of each (in reverse order):

  • I know a minuscule amount; and
  • Amazon Prime is the greatest   the worst  . . . the jury is still out.

That first lesson is one I suppose we all need to be reminded of often and with baseball bats. The second is its corollary.

Now that I have seemingly written about my entire supply of buttons easily pushed, I have turned to the list I have been keeping much longer than I have actually been writing a blog: “Blog Ideas.” But each topic I select hits me with one of those baseball bats. For example, I want to write about the mind-body problem as depicted in two well-loved novels, Lying Awake and Our Lady of the Forest. However, although the rough outline of the post is in my head, I would need to reread the fiction of Mark Salzman and David Guterson in order to articulate my ideas fully. And that reading assignment doesn’t even consider my woeful lack of schooling in the mind-body problem from Descartes to the present! I also want to write about ways of knowing as portrayed in All the King’s Men and Memories of the Ford Administration. Ditto from above about Robert Penn Warren and John Updike and epistemology.  Continue reading

About justewordsblog

Call me Boz. I teach writing and literature at the community-college level. I love words, the Episcopal liturgy, and Bonaventure Cemetery, the novels of Thomas Wolfe, the films of Krzysztov Kieślowski, and the periodic table of Dmitri Mendeleev. I have visited Monument Valley, the Outer Banks, and the women on death row in North Carolina. I play the piano, formerly played the bassoon, and play at the mandolin and the flute. Although the darkroom in my house is temporarily out of service, I once developed and printed my own photographs there. I believe that words are the only means we have to connect with one another, and my passion is always to find the right one--and to help others do the same.
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