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Where There’s Smoke

Note to my followers on this site: I am now hosting my own site at Please consider following me there! At the beginning of this month, I received an email from one of my online students. She told me that … Continue reading

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It Quacks Like a Duck

I have learned many important lessons since beginning this blog three months ago, and I have relearned many others: Already this morning, I have experienced one of each (in reverse order): I know a minuscule amount; and Amazon Prime is the … Continue reading

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Acedia–In One Image

My initial goal for this post was to discuss acedia in 25 words or less. That opening line (including its ungrammatical modification of a countable noun) was meant as a joke, but it turned out to be not much more laughable than my … Continue reading

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Ho-Hum; Or, Whatever Happened to the Capacity for Wonder?

As we were driving home from seeing the movie Genius in Chapel Hill, my husband asked me why people don’t read Thomas Wolfe any more. My snappy retort masked what has been for some time an insidious fear: “Because they can no longer … Continue reading

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Dr. John V. Eckleburg?

I am now going to debunk all my foregoing pretensions to serious intellectualism. 

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